Wine Xin by Wai Xin is a local wine service provider dedicated to making wine information and knowledge more available to the consumers through two channels: thematic workshops and certification courses. Breaking down social barrier and demolishing the perceived class divide, wines are in fact the best media to socialize with people. Wine Xin has collaborated with consumers and answered their questions with insight and clarity. Workshops are topic-oriented and can be customized to meet the audience needs.

For wine enthusiasts and business operators, Wine Xin offers the internationally recognized Italian Wine Scholar™ program from Wine Scholar Guild. The Italian Wine Scholar™ education program is the most advanced, comprehensive, and up-to-date Italian wine course available. The syllabus takes a regional approach and discusses all Italian wine appellations and the factors that shape their identities. This specialization program is designed for all advanced students of wine, whether wine professionals or serious wine enthusiasts.

The Italian Trade Commission (ITA) endorsed the program in recognition of its exceptional level of depth, accuracy, detail, and academic rigor.