Winesave PRO

Wine Preserver from , Singapore

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THE premium wine preserver.
Winesave has been Australia's most popular wine preserver for over a decade and now available in Singapore:
• Made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade, argon gas.
• Works on all wine types - red, white, sparkling (with any locking stopper).
• Protects up to 150 applications - the most in the market.
• Eliminates or Reduces wine wastage.
• Extends the life of opened wines.
• Ability to open various types of wines at a time.
• Enjoy more expensive wines without the worry of turning bad.
• Easy to use ultra-repellant flexible hose dispenser.
• No Shelf life expiry date.
• ISO 9001 certified manufacturing for higher quality assurance.
• Soft rubber weighted base for better stability.
Enjoy peace of mind to savour your wine.