As an avid wine and spirits aficionado, Lewis co-founded Le Vigne, an alcoholic beverage company in 2002. Being an early pioneer in the industry, the company conducts Wine, Champagne & Whisky Master Classes and lectures for organisations as well as industry professionals in Singapore and Malaysia.

Lewis is a wine & whisky consultant to restaurants, country/town clubs and other specialised beverage service centres and has been credited for his objective and non-partisan views of the state and future of the whisky industry.

As a co-founder and Managing Director of “The ExciseMan Whisky Bar” which caters specifically to a professional client base, Lewis manages and operates a concept dedicated to the appreciation of well-made alcoholic beverages.

Lewis has been a contributing writer on whiskies and alcoholic beverages for several publications including the Business Times, Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris Magazine and Cask & Drams Magazine.

Besides providing consultations for whisky and spirits establishments, Lewis conducts press and trade events on behalf of several whisky brands. Lewis was commissioned by a Japanese investment company to do a video programme on whisky as part of a company’s marketing initiative.

Lewis holds a General Certificate in Distilling from The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (UK).